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February 27 2020

Phobia Circus group photo Despite how the backrgound made it look like, theyre not sitting that closely together or crammed in a room. Idk if i got their heights/sizes wrong or not 😅
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February 24 2020

Redrew my Inktober piece of “Justify” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

February 17 2020

Soooo yeah, if y'all remember Lookhuman & an article i shared here once, you'll get it
to be fair LookHuman already has their Plant Daddydesign up before Adam Ellis revamped his Plant Daddy design (previously it was just simply text). Soooo it's possible that LH got the idea from Adam but came up with their design by themselves.
A fanart of Phobia Circus (their OCs Phobia and Her) with Alastor & Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel, and HIM from The Powerpuff Girls.
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With a different face this time
Whew, how many eons ago was the last time I made a fanart for our beloved ojol services?
Anyway this was based on their pop-up ad that kept showing up recently, and lately Ive also been using Grabbike a lot more due to accidentally topping up my Ovo cred a tad too much 😅 (dont worry Gojek & Anterin, y'all both still in my heart too)

February 12 2020

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When both you and your friend are artists so you can make art trades for each other whenever y'all are envying someone else’s fanart

Another recycled comic plot from Meet R2, starring @suketchiihara & @sevichka this time
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February 05 2020

Did fulmomary's drawthisinyourstyle 2 months too late 😅
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