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October 21 2017

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First time testing Procreate on the iPad, and drew two friends whom the entire office seemingly ship together. He's the princess, she's the knight, and remember to never let me draw horses again -__-

hot dang the oil pastel & pencil renderings are just too damn realistic on this app
[the whole friend-art post]
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the latest horror movie coming to screens near you

drew this on Sketchbook Pro, since some friends in the office have red hoodies as well. It was supposed to be a cute drawing but halfway it got kind of creepy so i went with the smudged writing.
L-R: Kristina, me, Ribka, Indah, Renny
tried making a comic in Sketchbook Pro. two of my friends said in the second panel I look like a titan from SNK [X][X]
si Jun

done in Sketchbook Pro. dang the pen & pencil rendering is realistic af, i couldve submitted this as an Inktober piece
[the whole friend-art post]
testing out Sketchbook Pro. tired Ribkachu is tired :D
Kristina was like "make her hold something" & I randomly drew a spear.
[the whole friend-art post]

October 19 2017

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Wonderland Creek
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October 18 2017

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October 17 2017

Not Everyone Has The Best Of Both Worlds
Sometimes I forget that not all those who sing & make music can draw, and not all those who draw, design and animate can sing or make music. I’m too used being surrounded by people who can do both.

Tapas | WebtoonTumblr
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I do!


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October 16 2017

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October 14 2017

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